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February 19, 2013

Macaroni Review

By: Dawn Betke, Riverhead Macaroni Kid, Mom Publisher
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Dawn Betke
This past weekend, my son and I had the opportunity to check out a single crate from Kiwi Crate.  If your unfamiliar with Kiwi Crate, it is a fabulous, fun, hands-on shipment that you and your child sign up to receive monthly! Single Crates are also available for purchase or party favors! 

Kiwi Crate is designed with the busy parent in mind.  I certainly want my son to be creative, and using his imagination daily.  Sometimes that takes some planning on my part, however.  When you don't have the time to run to the craft store or you're simply too tired, you will still have a creative outlet on hand with Kiwi Crate. Quality, eco friendly materials with no planning, a great combination.

The Shipment we received was "Wild Safari".  My son loves animals so we were thrilled with this shipment!  We spent the better part of the afternoon building our Safari Jeep and creating our Safari animals! All the materials were included, even a pair of scissors.  There was also a game included for us to play after we created the animals.  Needless to say, it was played more then once.

The best part was the included "continue your adventure" guide.  Kiwi Crate provided a bonus activity for us to explore later as well as fascinating facts about all the animals.

We found this shipment to not only be creative and fun but we learned some things too.  For instance, did you know that giraffes use their tongues to pick leaves from trees and eat them? And that their tongues are blue-black in color?  We sure didn't!

Kiwi Crate's monthly shipments contain at least two projects a month with free shipping! It can be paid monthly or annually and there are even add-ons for siblings!  You simply sign up and a creative and inspiring crate will be delivered to your doorstep each month for you and your child to enjoy!

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1) Candace Lindemann said:
We're definitely fans of Kiwi Crate--thanks for sharing your experience so that more people can enjoy their kits!
3 years, 7 months ago

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